28 January 2008

Calling all doughy old lefties...

Let there be lightweights...

The Salvation Army Gateway shelter will soon be glowing with lights using pedal power from old exercise bikes.
Sort of a hamster wheel for hippies... I love it.
The WeloBike project launches Feb. 12 at the Jarvis St. shelter and volunteers are needed to come in and pedal away for at least 30 minutes at a stretch.
Hey... how about an initiative that pays squeegie-kids to generate power for Toronto's methadone clinics while we're at it?

Kill two birds with one stone.

Oh yeah... one last little observation.

Did anybody else notice that they spent 3000 bucks for the cool bike-generators... plus the money for deep-cycle batteries, plus special lights... and bear in mind they need volunteers to travel to the shelter to do the pedalling... in hopes of lighting a single room?

Anybody have any idea how long you could power one light fixture (without, by the way, a bank of lead-acid batteries, special light fixtures and a dozen daily leftard volunteers) for 3500 smackeroos?

Just askin.



Anonymous said...

Hey, great idea, the gasbag Layton and his lovely wife on a bicycle built for two...

Olivia, Olivia
Give me your answer do!
I'm half krazy
All for the love of you
It won't be a stylish marriage(ha!)
I can't afford a carriage( ha ha!)
But you'll look sweet up on the seat
Of a bicycle made for two...

Anonymous said...

I notice that they are looking for volunteers, no expectation that the 108 men that sleep there or the men and women that use it for a drop in center would. What the heck, they are busy folk with places to go and people to see I guess.

Neo Conservative said...

no need to worry... i'm sure leftbot loonies like 'jeff "bugboy" davidson' and inestimable gasbag 'red tory'... will be rushing off to the shelter to do their bit.

maybe jeffy & red could take their new friends out for a bite to eat... after they work up an appetite.

in any case, it'd be way more productive than the shameless spinning they do on the internet.


John M Reynolds said...

So, all those gyms that offer spin classes will now lose some of their patrons to the this new project? The local gyms could attach a device to their bikes and olliptical trainers that could generate electricity. The money saved by the establishment could be discounted to the user's membership fees. Just think of all that energy that is wasted to heat. Heck, it could even slightly cut down on the air conditioning bills in the summer. Of course, that would likely not be measurable, but the electricity generation would be.