31 January 2008

Fountain of Youth

You wanna 'stay young'... get off your ass...

Researchers also report that people can start later in life — one man took up running at 62 and ran his first marathon, a year later, in 3 hours 25 minutes.

It’s a testament to how adaptable the human body is, researchers said, that people can start serious training at an older age and become highly competitive.
Speaking of which... time for a little chainsaw therapy.

Later, folks.


WL Mackenzie Redux said...

The guy who invented jogging died of a heart attack and the dude who started the natural food fad poisoned himself with wild foods....so frig this risky fitness crap....cheeseburgers, beer and TV Hockey rule!!

There is no reason to run unless someone with an axe is chasing you...there is no reason to have a bicycle seat pounding up your ass unless you like it or you lost your driver's licence...fitness nazi!



Neo Conservative said...

well... that's exactly how my 85 year-old father-in-law feels... otoh, my forty year-old brother was just telling me about two of his peers who dropped over stone cold dead in the last 60 days.

and now that i no longer live in toronto... the axe murderer demographic is statistically insignificant.

i think i'm gonna find a middle path... i'd like to be around to see some grandkids.


Anonymous said...

Nobody chasing you with the chainsaw?
Sorry...that's grewsome!
I know it isn't pc to cut down trees, but you aren't the pc type, so I'll guess you are using that chainsaw to get your fuel ready for next year.Heating with wood is a great workout...especially if you are getting it right at the source.If that's your 'pastime' you won't have time to take up jogging.
We love it! The 'bush' is wonderful 9 months of the year. Blackflies keep us out May-July.


Neo Conservative said...

today i was actually dropping dead trees along the fenceline to augment this year's woodpile.

but you're right... it warms you up twice.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, that it a Henry Ford quote.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Apparently, that it a Henry Ford quote."

well... not exactly.

"Some time or other I shall be able to buy the best of fuel without stint."

"Yes, but not the pleasure of picking it up by the riverside which, I may say, is of more value than the warmth it yields, for it but keeps the vital heat in us that we may repeat such pleasing exercises."

"It warms us twice, and the first warmth is the most wholesome and memorable, compared with which the other is mere coke."

"It is to give no account of my employment to say that I cut wood to keep me from freezing, or cultivate beans to keep me from starving."

"Oh, no, the greatest value of these labors is received before the wood is teamed home, or the beans are harvested."

(Henry David Thoreau - Oct. 22, 1853)