31 January 2008

Dear Lloyd

I've gotta confess... I don't have huge expectations of CTV National News.

I think I know... in a general sort of way... where you guys lean on most issues. Tonight, however, you managed to surprise me again.

I'm talking about the story where you claimed that "some people" are calling the guy who took his diaper-clad babies out into a -50 degree storm, well... calling him "the victim" in this thing.

Now Lloyd... I've gotta tell you... I didn't just fall off the turnip truck.

So, in the interest of clarity, who... besides this guy's immediate family... is saying dear ol' dad is... in any way, shape or form... the victim here?

Because it's totally beyond the pale... and I just don't believe it actually happened.



Anonymous said...

Communist Tele-vision.

Anonymous said...

It's time to put Lloyd (geez, how old is this guy?) out on an ice floe and as for CTV...well, it goes without saying.

Anonymous said...

Would Llloyd be so generous in his "compassionate" description of the event if it was "Joe Whiteman" who dropped his diapered kids in the snow in -50C weather ?

Somehow I don't think so.

Neo Conservative said...

"eskimo said... It's time to put Lloyd (geez, how old is this guy?) out on an ice floe"

c'mon... haven't you noticed? lloyd is actually new and improved of late.

that's lloyd 3.1 out there... a little bit of hair colour and a new make-up guy... (i sure hope the part-time guy from the funeral parlour got his old job back)... and lloyd's looking more human every day.

it's the delusional shit comin' out of his piehole every day that scares me.


mike said...

CFRA tells it like it is ....

RCMP Sgt. Brad Keading says the Mounties have launched a criminal investigation, adding "we're basically trying to put the pieces together to try to figure out exactly what happened, perhaps why it happened and with that there's a lot of evidence to gather yet."

Keading says their primary suspicious is that the man was so intoxicated, he didn't tell anyone about the girls until it was too late.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently he had a drunken argument with his girlfriend, the children's mother... and she stormed off to the guy's brother's place.

i haven't heard that the cops have ruled out a murder-suicide gone south yet... he's pissed off, he's insanely wasted... wouldn' be the first sociopath to do it to get back at the spouse.

the buzz is, the cops are mulling over charging him with something.

interestingly, the media's still stuck on "dad as victim".

it's insane.