08 January 2008

The army can stay, says Dion...

But it can't fight... in Afghanistan anyway... I think.

-- OTTAWA -- Liberal Leader Stephane Dion says Canada must “remain engaged” in Afghanistan but at the same time give its military the flexibility to deploy elsewhere.
Engaged, huh? That have anything to do with splashin' Timmy's ass all over the countryside... every time he finds the balls to actually stand up and fight?

Good ol' Steffi, once again confusing "spineless equivocation" with diplomatic finesse... hits us with the riddle stick. Not really that surprising, I suppose... coming from the party that tried its level best to eradicate Canada's military capability entirely.

Sorry Steffi... no sale. Maybe you should go back to hiding behind the glittery Y2Kyoto disco ball... cos' you're sure not shining especially brightly here.



syncrodox said...


This has a certain stench of Kinsella about it. Spin, spin, spin.

Slimey fucks.


Neo Conservative said...

i was thinkin' whiff of daffy duck, myself.


Anonymous said...

Dion sounds like a complete moron.