25 January 2008

What's all the fuss about?

You just have to think of them as... long-distance fireworks...

"I did not hear Mr Holmes describe the 4,100 rockets which have been launched at Israeli cities aimed at the killing of Israeli babies and children, innocents, as a humanitarian crisis," Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman told reporters.

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Police said the attackers entered a study hall in Kfar Etzion and stabbed three students before they were shot by security guards. The wounded students were taken to a hospital for treatment, Israeli rescue services said.

Also late Thursday, Palestinian gunmen opened fire at Israelis outside the Shuafat refugee camp on the outskirts of Jerusalem, killing a border police officer and seriously wounding a female officer, police said.
Funny how selective that media spotlight seems to be. You so seldom hear about Israeli victims.
David Baker, an official in Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office, denounced the attacks. "These terror attacks are an example of the brutality of Palestinian terror which Israel battles on a daily basis."

LAST WORD: Then there's the Twilight Zone.



K. Shoshana said...

But its just not the media either - it is also us. How many times have you seen the words "palestinian refugee camp" referred to either the West Bank or the Gaza Strip and not stopped and not asked yourself why since the PA took over the civil administration of those lands in 1994 these people have not been settled. And it is not because you cannot buy land because there is a land registry office and various ministries of housing. Since the international community has been literally pouring aid money on the Palestinians I don't think its too far out of line to demand the camps be disbanded and the people settled on Palestinian land.

Neo Conservative said...

kateland... after the attempted palestinian overthrow of the kingdom of jordan in the 70's... the other arab countries are a little hesitant to even rub up against these guys.

and egypt has been crapping itself since the pals brought down that border wall...

"Egypt rejects the idea. Responsibility for 1.5 million Palestinians would be an economic burden, and Egypt's government fears that open borders with the Hamas-ruled area could strengthen its own Islamic fundamentalists who oppose the pro-western regime in Cairo."

after decades of hand to mouth welfare state existence in the west bank and gaza... nobody wants to touch these misfits with somebody elses ten foot pole.


maryT said...

With all the efforts to ban anything doing with pigs-piggy banks, The 3 Little Pigs, and other items I have a question.
What is the name of the organization governing the Gaza strip-HAMas.
Where do hams come from.
What part of the pig is ham from.
Seems they have a perfect name for themselves-HAMass.
Isn't there an insulting saing regarding that part of the swine.