29 January 2008

We've heard from the crazies...

How about we give equal time to the secular Muslim Canadian Congress?

“Islamic banking is nothing more than an attempt by Islamists, with backing from Middle Eastern financial institutions and their Western partners, to scare Muslim Canadians into believing that they should pay more to the banks and demand less in return, as an act of religiosity,” said MCC president Farzana Hassan in an open letter to CMHC.

It asked the Canadian housing agency to abandon its study into the issue, which it said it is costing $100,000, and said a better approach would be a banking system that seeks to integrate Canadians.
Alrighty... this is the voice in the Muslim community... that never seems to get those big headlines.
“What we need is a better deal from the banks for all Canadians, rather than dividing us up into religious groups and pacing obstacles in the way of better integration of all Canadians,” Ms. Hassan said.

“Religion has no place in the banking or mortgage industry.”
One people... one law.


UPDATE: This is interesting...

It appears as though the politically correct lapdogs at the Globe and Mail have watered down the actual statement...
"Sharia Banking is an obscene attempt to fleece an already marginalized Muslim community while promising them the exact opposite. On the one hand Imams are warning Muslims of hellfire if they deal with the existing banking systems, and on the other the same clerics are being paid by banks to herd Muslims towards a system that is based on lies and deception."
Well, well, well...



truepeers said...

Well, the MCC letter gives both the straight and the diluted quotes, so papers can choose what they will

Neo Conservative said...

"truepeers says... so papers can choose what they will"

well... i wonder how the mcc feels about the globe censoring their message.

cherry-pick and spin... the oldest trick in the leftbot book.


truepeers said...

I agree with you, and have just blogged about this here.

As I was blogging, I noticed the Globe had been cherry picking, but I went in with the idea that they had actually re-written the MCC letter, hence my comment here.

Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Total control of every Muslim by the radical Imams will eventually destroy their religion, but of course it's all about the power these guys want now.

Average Muslims could save their religion, but their fear of the radicals is understandable.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... their fear of the radicals is understandable."

i recently had a muslim commenter, ahmed... who was saying this very thing... the media plays to the radicals... and other, more reasonable muslim voices go unheard.

he said, if i read him correctly, that he was just too tired to constantly fight the misperception.


OMMAG said...

There is a group called Muslims Against Sharia who hold the same view about the media playing into the hands of the radicals and such.
So does Tarek Fatah for whom there is a Facebook group called I Support Tarek Fatah

You could if you want to see what I have posted on my own blog in this regard.

Neo Conservative said...

thx for the links.


Escaped MB, shine off BC said...


Is there an actual way to bring the mainstream media back to the middle of the bias spectrum. I swear I remember back in the 80`s when the CBC presented both sides to every story.
Are there that many people out there that believe this crap.
The inmates are running the asylum and we desperately need to get control of it but how.....