30 January 2008

The night the lights went out...

In Toronto...

“It's not about segregation, it's about self-determination.”
Now, call me crazy... but I'm pretty sure... that's not how Martin Luther King would see it.


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"How is it that Faith-Based schools are so unthinkable that an election was lost over it, but Race-Based schools are not a problem?"

"If segregation is such a great idea, why stop at race-based schools? Perhaps we should have separate buses, water fountains, washrooms and restaurants for blacks?"

LAST WORD: The citizenry of Toronto weighs in

I guess the squeaky, politically correct wheel, really does get the baksheesh... uh... I mean grease.



Anonymous said...

This School will be the Kiss Of Death on any Job application because it will flag Blacks as being isolated from the Multicultural mosaic and in turn have almost Zero Human skills ti blend in at a diverse workplace .

Also , I have noticed a pattern where most successful Black Canadians that are speaking up on the issue are usually working for a "Whitey" Company and not a Afro-centric Business and this begs the question that if there are very few Black-focus Companies that are hiring thesae Youths , than why do they expect every other Business to bare the brunt for Quota-Employment to appease Human Rights Commissions.

Maybe the Elephant in the room is again being ignored because Canada is now a Nation of Whiners that have Victim-Envy and blame all their bad mistakes on other people as if having 4 or 5 kids from different men who abandone the Kids is actually a Good Thing?

I predict that there are people today that know this School will just segregate the drugs&gangs problems and when the Mothers see the exact failure rates and drop-out numbers they will blame Mike Harris , Poverty , Racism ,Global warming,School Boards,Immigration dept , Refugee dept , the USA , and anyone other than themselves.

This must be a joint scam with the Teachers Union because they would never accept a workplace where White females are restricted or gay White male Teachers that would help end the Homophobia within the Jamaican population , Teachers have aligned themselves with the gay-Stapo squads that are now trying to force the Catholic System to agree to surveys to see how bad the Homophobia is among Christians in that system.

I already see a large Black population at the Catholic School near me and why would those Parents pull their kids from it to send to a Public School the Segregates their child from Diversity in Toronto and canada , life will be great if these Students expect to stay in Toronto and get jobs at Afro-Centric Businesses but other than that where will the Companies be outside of canada that want someone with no Diversity Skills or can relate in the office witout tossing out the race-card at the very first perceived Offence .

I already feel sorry for the Toronto Police and Firemen who are hired for Diversity in targetted areas based on language or Cultural background , this unique employment patch quilt for Toronto will limit the chances of a better job of life in the USA because many Cities use English and don't have the Asian crime Unit ,jamaican crime unit ,russian crime unit, and other language based departments .
The USA has Crime Units that break down the culture after the fact and not to put the Culture first and than enforce a Hiring quota from language skills as ESL grads .

I predicted this about 10 years ago because Dudley laws crusaded to divide Toronto by racial lines to set the stage for Black-only Schools , and the tripe about anyone being allowed to attend is much like the Gay Bars that use subtle bigotry to make heterosexual feel unwanted or just kick them out as we see in Montreal.

Anonymous said...

There are many black focussed businesses these schools will prepare grads for:
Rap musician
Gang enforcer
Drug dealer
Hit man/woman
Professional welfare recipient

Those really are the only choices, because the sigma attendance and graduation from these schools will leave on the grads will preclude them from consideration for any real jobs.

The board staff and trustees say the schools will be "racially diverse". My first question would be, how many of the non-black trustees and board staff are signing their children up to attend these schools. Probably none. Perhaps that should be mandatory.

Neo Conservative said...

if you're feeling culturally isolated... i sure don't see how segregation is any sort of answer.

the reality is... with canada's imminent crisis of disappearing tradesmen we should be setting up schools that teach electronics, plumbing, welding and carpentry.

it's those trades-people who will be canada's new millionaire business class... not a kid with a degree in third world basketweaving.

but just try selling that idea in the jane-finch corridor.

two words... missed oportunity.


Greg said...

Post #1 hit the nail on the head near the end of his comment. Dudley Laws. In this case not necesarily him, but others like him see this school as a money pit. The rascism industry doesn't care what happens to those kids. It's a business for them.

Neo Conservative said...

i've gotta ask... what kind of a parent would experiment on their own child this way?


Reg said...

And to think that the Yanks had to use the 101st Airborne to STOP this from happening in Little Rock? So much for our Canuck moral high ground, eh?

Anonymous said...

If segregation is such a great idea, why stop at race-based schools? Perhaps we should have separate buses, water fountains, washrooms and restaurants for blacks? If that works out then maybe separate neighbourhoods too?

Toronto is sooooo Progressive!

Anonymous said...

This looks like another attempt by the loonie left to have the state take over the father's role. You know the role: income provider, discipline administrator, baby sitter, handyman and of course the trash remover.

Problem with the other industries that the loonie left builds to provide income for themselves from the public purse (poverty, immigration, racism, homeless, addition support, feminista, etc) is that we all see through them for what they are. Eventually the tap will be turned off and the people who they offer up as their victims will be the winners because they'll be able to take care of themselves.