20 January 2008

Whatever happened to actual news?

I'm just so tired of this mindless moonbat propaganda...

"It is the same in Canada. The MSM quickly, but with a pious face, announces the death of every Canadian soldier."

"However, when Canadian soldiers were in Bosnia, the MSM was silent about any casualties... I guess because it was ok for soldiers wearing blue helmets to get hurt in the name of the UN because they were not shooting their guns, but not once they put on a green helmet."

Posted by: Brian at January 20, 2008 3:42 PM


Anonymous said...

It seems to me there's been hardly any casualties in actual combat, the majority being IED's, accidents and suicide bombers. Those would have killed just as many peacekeepers, peace corpsers or whatever as soldiers (and actually probably more) since the Taliban want all westerners out-period.
What no one seems to have figured out, is that to radical islamists, the very existence of any other culture demands its extermination.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... accidents, booby traps and just plain boobs.

the fact is... as i've said previously... every time these donkeyheads go head to head with our guys... they get their asses handed to them.

that's why they mostly stick to sneaking up from behind, or killing their own women and hanging adolescent boys from lamp posts.

it's why they need to be beat back into their spider holes.

but try telling that to steffi.