27 January 2008

Apparently "Lucy" Warman's boyfriend...

Knows a thing or two about hate-speech...

"I hear Stormfront runs a whites-only dating service, however. You might want to check that out."
And while I knew Vitamin K was a ladies man... I had no idea he was also a warrior.
"I told her I was a pretty good shot, but no thanks, honey."
I'm with BCF here, Warren... don't be a tease, let's have the whole story.

And don't forget to dish about how you got to be such a "good shooter".

Over to you, babe.



Anonymous said...

hee hee, cowards don't face the facts, truths or smart woman,(when they are an emasculated man)

...still convinced he has 'mommy' issues.
Maybe she made him wear ill fitting undies or something...

Neo Conservative said...

yup... good ol' special k... he's all about the ladies.