25 January 2008

Then I saw her face...

Now I'm a believer...

Sunny says, get off your ass.

Stop making babies unless you can provide 100% of what they need. Don’t “buy” stuff on credit that you can’t afford to pay off. Get an education (the more “disadvantaged” you are, the easier it is to find someone to pay for it).

Fido didn’t bust his hump learning how to kill rabbits just so he could take care of Spot’s fat ass and Spot’s fat-assed puppies.

Also, she has taken my sage advice and agreed to a platform espousing the flat tax. Everybody pays 10% of their gross income.

(h/t rightgirl)


rations said...

I like Fido and Sunny.

Anonymous said...

"Of course, we are not running on the Nazi ticket, so it would be temporary sterilization, reversible upon the individual’s attainment of all of the following:
(1) The age of 25
(2) Completion of a child-rearing course and passing a test on it
(3) An amount of no less than $10,000 in a bank account
(4) An IQ of average or above
(5) An ongoing relationship of no less than 3 years with the potential co-parent"

Yaknow... I know it's just a comedy piece but I've often though along those lines. With so many people having kids that either can't afford them or shouldn't be having them due to apathy, abuse, or just stupidity measures like this would at least prevent people who don't absolutely want children and can afford to take care of them from having them in the first place.

What? No more trailer park babymamas? Heresy!

Neo Conservative said...

"Stop making babies unless you can provide 100% of what they need."

hard to argue that one.


Mike said...

Lucas' blog is fantastic !!

Thanks for the link.