21 January 2008

See, what I don't get is...

Dalton McSlippery hasn't had too much trouble finding 100 million dollars to appease the homegrown terrorists holding Caledonia hostage... but he can't deal with a healthcare system that appears to be imploding...

The Ontario government rejected a proposal to fund two neurotrauma beds at a Toronto hospital, as droves of critically ill patients with brain hemorrhages were being sent to the United States for emergency medical care.

Emergency room physicians have described harrowing scenes, where patients with hemorrhagic strokes and other types of cerebral hemorrhages have languished for up to eight hours, as health-care workers begin the search to locate care.
Now, I'm no economist... but I'm pretty sure shipping patients... and, just as importantly... critical care personnel... to the United States isn't saving any money either...
Tom Chan, medical director and chief of emergency at the Scarborough Hospital, said none of these patients have known brain problems and then find themselves in emergency. Sometimes, the only solution is to be rushed by air or land ambulance to the United States.

"As soon as you hear that, patients freak because it's a ways away, but then your staff freaks because I'm going to be sending my staff with the patient," Dr. Chan said. "Then all of a sudden, it's an issue. Maybe they won't get to the border, maybe they won't be able to get their patient to the border. ... It's anxiety all around."
It's time to stop the fiberal madness.



Anonymous said...

And if the patient doesn't have his passport, he's not going to be able to cross the border soon.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon squeaks... if the patient doesn't have his passport"

typical kneejerk leftbot nonsense... "let's blame that evil george bush."

guess what, pinkie... the problem here isn't lack of travel documents... it's lack of hospital beds, doctors and critical care personnel.

maybe, for a start, premier mcslippery could try spending a little less money for stuff like door-to-door crack pipe delivery.

just a suggestion.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he could take some money out of his infamous "slush-fund" Anyone for cricket?