23 January 2008

That Chinese economic dream...

Is starting to look like a Dickensian nightmare...

One of the main reasons for the outages is that there is not enough coal in the country. Coal-fired power plants provided about 83 percent of China's electricity output in 2007.

Chinese state media are reporting a nationwide power shortfall of 70 gigawatts, which is equivalent to the entire generating capacity of Britain.


Frank Hilliard said...

Fortunately Canada has plenty of coal, rail transportation and coal ports. China's power issue is a good news story.

roy said...

fortunetly were already providing chna with Coal.. but if the envromentalists get it there way there won't be any coal in canada to send . because of this stupid kyoto. that is one of the reasons I'm against it and the fact that climate change and Global warming gonna keep hapening weather were trying to be envirmentally concius or not.

Neo Conservative said...

remember the lead drinking water pipes and lead face powder that helped bring about the fall of the roman empire?

apparently reading world history is passe in the new china.


Roy said...

pardon the spelling I get typing to fast at times

Fred - said...

they are not really short of coal .. they are just doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint and save the planet from global warming.


Anonymous said...

A far greater problem for China are the people versus the Communist system.

My personal opinion is that the Communist system , in spite of the short term gains economically, is totally incompatible with a free market society. Eventually this will lead to a confrontation inside China.

Even now Chinese society is becoming polarized into "have" and "have nots".

Neo Conservative said...

fred... more like reduce their carbon-based lifeform footprint...

two words... thomas malthus.


Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... is becoming polarized into "have" and "have nots"."

it has always been "have" and "have nots"... it's just that previously, the general populace didn't know how bad it was.

now they do.

but you're right... try putting that genie back in the bottle.