09 January 2008

The angry face of Multiculturalism

Mob rule comes to Canada...

Border services planned to pick up Mr. Singh from the temple where he has been given sanctuary about 4:30 a.m., but the scheduled removal time passed as more than 250 protesters blocked the temple entrance.

It is the second time that Mr. Singh's supporters have succeeded in thwarting his deportation.
I'm not sure, who exactly... thinks this is gonna get easier as time goes on. Probably the same folks who criticise Pervez Musharraf for not being able to control those mischievous folks in Waziristan.

My advice to the authorities... if you have to bring in your own bigger mob to get the job done... just do it.

Otherwise you have just conceded that the rule of law is meaningless.


LAIBAR SINGH UPDATE: The inevitable CBC spin cycle

It's not anarchy... it's simply..."winning a reprieve."

And, of course, there's the part nobody wants to talk about...
Since his stroke, it has cost taxpayers over $400,000 to provide Singh with free medical care.

Even his deportation was planned to be the most benign possible, with his medically-staffed flight to cost taxpayers $68,700. He was then scheduled to be flown to the state-of-the-art Apollo Hospital in New Delhi.
(h/t reader maureen)


"He didn't have a stroke, he didn't have an aneurism and he isn't paralyzed and he isn't a quadriplegic."

By Friday, he had been cut adrift. His abandonment was breathtaking. His loudest champion, Harpal Singh Nagra, a leading actor in the noisy airport demonstration that blocked Singh's deportation, uttered a bizarre and sudden renouncement. On the weekend, he told Sun reporter Kim Bolan:

"I don't know anything about Laibar Singh. I am no longer his spokesperson. I am not involved now. I have other things to do."

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News stories like this only serve to normalize nuts who should be marginalized, as Harper has tried to do. Reporters like Blanchfield should add a few more numbers to their "Muslim spokesman" rolodex.

LAST WORD: It doesn't work...

But let's do it anyway.
He said during his tenure as superintendent for the Milwaukee School Board, members welcomed the idea for African-centred alternative schools with open arms.

The board opened a middle school and elementary school, but the former has since closed because of declining enrolment.

"The fact is there were good parts about it, but over time it was not successful," Fuller said.
Oh yeah... one other thing...
The elementary school is still open, but Fuller admits there are problems with student achievement.
The best part is... the Toronto Sun interviews the same guy... but there's absolutely no reference to this particular experiment in "social engineering"... being a complete failure.
A specific curriculum may be the only way to teach certain youths, a leading U.S. educator said in a speech in Toronto yesterday about the controversial issue of Afrocentric schools.


Rob R said...

As Caledonia goes, so goes Richmond.

As a white male, I stay away from these places because we all know I'd be arrested and charged just for showing up.

Neo Conservative said...

this isn't brain surgery... you can have rule of law... or anarchy.

choose wisely.


Anonymous said...

Forged passport!?!?
Why does anyone even try to follow the correct route anymore?
I have friends who have been trying LEGALLY to get back to Canada from Pakistan for almost a year...Canadian immigration is stopping them!He's Canadian, their son was born in Canada, they went back to Pakistan to help her unhealthy dad.

this is nuts!

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... trying LEGALLY to get back to Canada from Pakistan for almost a year..."

that's the real insanity here... reward the criminals... while penalising the people who follow the rules.



kursk said...

What is sad, is that the Sikh community pledged their support to cover this mans medical costs..but according to Dr.Roy, when they found out how much an invalid costs to care for 24/7, they bailed on him.

So, in saying that..what is the point of the excercise?

It is to show the powers that be that they, the Sikhs, in their numbers, are the real power in their community, not the duly elected govt.

Anonymous said...

Where have all of the supporters gone? Apparently home until the next deportation order.


Surrey temple latest stop on Laibar Singh's goodbye tour
Many politicians who supported bid to stay seem to have gone oddly quiet
Pete McMartin, Vancouver Sun
Published: Tuesday, December 18, 2007
In his latest stop on his farewell tour of the Lower Mainland, Laibar Singh landed at Surrey's Guru Nanak temple early Saturday morning, his third in the space of six days. He arrived as an orphan might:

Forsaken, which, I must say, left me confused.

I believed, as an outsider looking in, that almost everyone in the Sikh community wanted Singh to stay in Canada -- no, demanded Singh stay in Canada! -- and that he was a symbol around which the community had coalesced.
That community, we were told by everyone in it from its politicians to its media to the thousands of excitable protesters who brought traffic to a halt at Vancouver airport, believed Singh was being unfairly persecuted by a heartless and racist Canadian government, and that if we were a compassionate nation, we would allow Singh to stay.

That was Wednesday. At the time, Singh seemed safely sheltered within the bosom of his community.

By Friday, he had been cut adrift. His abandonment was breathtaking. His loudest champion, Harpal Singh Nagra, a leading actor in the noisy airport demonstration that blocked Singh's deportation, uttered a bizarre and sudden renouncement. On the weekend, he told Sun reporter Kim Bolan:

"I don't know anything about Laibar Singh. I am no longer his spokesperson. I am not involved now. I have other things to do."

Funny, this was the guy who travelled to Ottawa in October to pitch Singh's case. Now he doesn't know anything about him?

When rumours started that the New Westminster temple where Singh was staying no longer wanted him there (where Singh had gone after the Abbotsford temple where he had been staying washed his hands of him), the good folks at the Guru Nanak temple came to his rescue. He is now being cared for without aid of the hundreds of thousands of dollars Singh's champions had vowed to pony up.

(That begs the question: Has any money been collected in Singh's name? If so, where is it?)

Meanwhile, those politicians who were happy to support Singh's case seem to have gone oddly quiet. Fleetwood-Port Kells MP Nina Grewal, who personally lobbied Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day for the 60-day reprieve that Day granted Singh, did not return my call. (During that lobbying, Grewal called Day on a three-way conference call. The other person on the line with her was Harpal Singh Nagra.) Singh supporter Newton-North Delta MP Sukh Dhaliwal did not return my call.

The only politician who did was Surrey-Newton MLA Harry Bains, who also spoke at the protest. Bains said he was still in favour of allowing Singh to stay in Canada because, he believed, we would be "sending him back to a death sentence."

"If he goes back to India, there is no way he can afford his health care there."

But what, I asked, of all those hundreds of thousands of dollars his supporters vowed to pay for Singh's medical bills if he were allowed to stay here? Where was it? Wouldn't that money go further in India, where the top health care is just as good as it is here?

Yes, he admitted, but that was not the issue. The issue was our compassion in the face of Singh's condition. As for those who vowed to support Singh financially if he was allowed to stay.
"Those who made those promises," Bains said, "should be held responsible."

It was not, he said, fair to Canadian taxpayers. How can you ask them to foot Singh's enormous medical bills after making those promises?

But, as I said to Bains, that is exactly what he is asking Canadian taxpayers to do. He knows the government would not accept private donations for health bills in lieu of striking down Singh's deportation order. It would be political suicide, if not illegal. Ultimately, Canadian taxpayers would end up having to foot the bill.

And I'm not sure they won't yet.

In Ottawa, Canada Border Services Agency spokesman Derek Mellon said the deportation order was still in effect.

"Mr. Singh's removal has only been delayed for safety and security reasons."

But then there was that front page photo of Singh in The Sun Monday. He looked frail. Serial orphanage has got to be hard on a body like Singh's. Suddenly, he was doubly as piteous as he was before: once for losing the use of his body to quadriplegia, twice, for losing his way among the politics and factionalism of the Sikh community. He looked lost.

I still think he should be deported. I still think his supporters should bankroll his health care in India.

But I made a bet with an editor Monday morning: Five bucks, he stays.


Mé said...

Why don't we make all temples sovereign entities--sort of like mini Vaticans? Then, we can have sovereign neighbourhoods and soverign cities after.

syncrodox said...

Nice. With friends like that who needs liberals...on second thought...oh.... forget it..


Anonymous said...

I wonder when we'll see mobs outside of police stations demanding they release some multicultural person or other...

Neo Conservative said...

"anon asks... wonder when we'll see"

think of the hysterical reaction whenever cops do their guns and gangs searches in the jane-finch community.

you'd think people would be pleased the gangsters were being busted... but apparently that's not the case.

and when officer todd bayliss was shot and killed in toronto in a gunfight... an angry crowd from the hood surrounded the paramedics shouting, "let the pig die."

not any values i was brought up with.