05 July 2007

Wag the Dog

I'm actually a little surprised the OPP didn't send a limo for him.

-- NAPANEE, Ont. -- Shawn Brant has turned himself in to the Ontario Provincial Police a week after he led Tyendinaga Mohawk demonstrators to blockade railways and roads in eastern Ontario for the National Day of Action.
Maybe we should be cutting Shawn some slack.

He's probably been working round the clock on his "made-for-tv movie" for CTV...
Brant said that despite his promise to appear for a bail hearing tomorrow, local OPP officers tried to arrest him yesterday morning.

"The OPP had blocked the road and, I believe, were attempting to try and do an intervention," he said, adding that he maintained a full force of men.

"They were telling me that I should get in the car and go with them and there was a warrant for me," Brant said.

Fortunately, our calm, sensitive, articulate hero was able to straighten out the "dumb as dogshit" racist cops...
"I told them that that was not the arrangement and I thought they should wait."

He said the officers abandoned their attempt, but that he was left frustrated with the situation.
Gee Shawn, you couldn't have been all that frustrated.... you didn't threaten to kill anybody this time.

Nevertheless, I think I speak for all Ontarians... indeed all Canadians, when I say... "I feel your pain."

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Joanne (True Blue) said...

I wonder if he'll pull a Paris Hilton?

Neo Conservative said...

"joanne said... I wonder if he'll pull a Paris Hilton?"

i'm guessing the local lockup is probably cleaner and more luxuriously appointed than the seized quarry, or brant's crash pad on the rez.

and maybe he can pick up a university credit, or some taxpayer funded orthodontics while he's in jail.

actually, what am i thinking... he won't be in there long enough.