12 July 2007

Here's how us dumb country hicks...

Feel about irresponsibility and waste.

We're not like "Toronto the Wonderful & Inclusive" out here. When people screw up, there's still an element of disapproval and public shame...

Bob Dolan wants the government to stop handing out money in lump sums to people on social assistance whom, he said, might not spend it wisely.

The Belleville councillor aired his concern at Wednesday's Hastings County social services committee meeting, when he told the story of a man who received $6,500 all at once and "he's been drunk ever since."
And unlike David Miller and his leftbot army, people aren't afraid to get their hands dirty...
"I called his lawyer," Dolan said of the cited case, "and told him flatly I was pissed off...I'm very concerned about how this money is distributed."

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