10 July 2007

Give us your tired...

Your liars... your paralysed.

-- TORONTO -- A paralysed Sikh, who entered Canada with a fake passport four years ago, has ducked deportation to India and sought asylum in a gurdwara.

Laibar Singh, 48, was scheduled to be deported on Sunday. However, with the help of friends and community members, he took refuge in a gurdwara in Lower Midland.

"I don't want to go to India. Why should I go to India?" Singh told the media, with the help of a translator.
Because cost is no object.

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Mac said...

Why should you go to India? That's pretty simple to answer. It's too bad the media haven't got the intestinal fortitude to give those reasons.

Just going from the few "facts" mentioned in the local newspapers... you entered under a fake passport... you made a refugee claim which was found to be spurious, you've exhausted all the appeals processes, you have NO FAMILY in Canada but you have a large family in India, you claim to be paralyzed as a result of a stroke you claim to have suffered from the "shock" of being rejected as a refugee and now you've hiding in a Sikh temple, crying "sanctuary" and demanding to stay...

Let's face it, kids... anyone who is rejected as a refugee under our lousy, porous refugee legislation needs to kicked out of Canada quickly.

Neo Conservative said...

"mac said... anyone who is rejected as a refugee under our lousy, porous refugee legislation"

that really says it all.