27 July 2007

You can trust me... I'm a journalist

-- "These pilots, they are very professional. They combine the skills of pilots and skills as journalists." --
See, if that were factually correct... even just the first part... these guys wouldn't be applesauce.

Journalists, like politicians, care about ratings, not facts... and especially not about safety.


Jeff Davidson said...

here's a token comment, you silly prick.

now get to bed.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper hes our man if he can't do it no one can.
ohh fu#$

Maxime Bernier he's our man....

kursk said...

Hey another drive by Quip from leftist asshat Jeff Davidson, and an anonymous non sequiter from another person infected with incureable liberalism.

All having sweet *uck all to do with the original post..

Liberals..natures lobotomized..

Won't you help?

Now as to the OP.. in search of better ratings these pilots ignored basics rules of avoidance
in built up areas.The fact of the matter is, you ignore these simple rules..you die..

Neo Conservative said...

"Bugboy Jeffy said... here's a token comment, you silly prick."

He's baaa-aaaack... and all I can do is say, yet again...

I think he's still pissed about this and this and this.

Hey Jeffy... I have to ask, yet again... if that's the way you really feel... why would you waste your time constantly coming back here, instead of the healing circle over at rabble.ca?


Anonymous said...

Police chases are an enormous danger to the public and should not be allowed to take place.

Police should take some responsibility here and use their firearms to disable a driver as soon as they attempt to turn their vehicle into a weapon.

Standard sidearms should be supplemented with pump action shotguns loaded with slugs since they are more capable of penetrating vehicles.

We must demonstrate the moral courage to protect ourselves from thugs, and this means giving the police the firepower to do the job properly.

And no, I don't care if some kid is shot dead for 'only' stealing a car. Even if he's a saintly honour student 99% of the time.