09 July 2007

Scratch some of these greens...

And they bleed Liberal red.

-- OTTAWA (CP) -- Canada's high-profile environmentalists have set themselves up as the Earth's lobbyists but some critics accuse them of concealing less lofty sympathies.

Insiders from three federal parties told The Canadian Press they have concerns that some of the activists judging climate-change action have become too cosy with the Liberals.

"People like ... Louise Comeau need to be intellectually honest in that you can't validate extraordinarily backwards policy from the Liberals, and then the moment a Conservative party comes into office demand that Kyoto targets be met come hell or high water," said Heath.
Yeah... I'm shocked.


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Remind me again... who were the governing federal party between 1990 and 2004?

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Anonymous said...

What a bunch of nonsense - if anything environmentalists would be more Green and/or NDP.

This is the CPC spin machine trying to lay blames again for their "own" failings.

I think Canadians are getting the hang of it - blame Liberals for everything and don't act and take responsibility like a real government.

They are beginning to look extremely foolish and need to change their tactic.

If you can't grow up and act like a government and take responsibility like one - you're not ready to govern.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... This is the CPC spin machine trying to lay blames again for their "own" failings."

Between 1990 and 2004 the 758 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent the study recorded exceeds the greenhouse gas reduction target of the Kyoto Protocol by 35 per cent, or about 200 million tonnes, making Canada one of the world's highest per capita emitters of greenhouse gases.

Remind me again... who were the governing party between 1990 and 2004?


Anonymous said...

The 'Greens' are Green in more ways than one - and Liberals are good at sniffing out cash. Wallets will open wide across the country for these guys and the Libs know it.