06 July 2007

I hope they take away...

Everything this dickhead owns... or ever hopes to...

Canadian National is slapping another lawsuit on Mohawk protester Shawn Brant for blocking its main Toronto-to-Montreal rail line.

CN is suing for financial damages incurred when rail traffic was cancelled June 29, Hallman said.

The amount has not been specified, although CN has said that $103 million worth of freight is carried on the line during an average 24-hour period.
Of course, that's probably just the clothes on his back... but he'd better not win the lottery, or inherit any of his mummy's money.

Have a nice life Shawn

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Mike said...

But in the words of the JOP that denied his bail ...

he believed civil disobedience was important and that the world needed the Shawn Brants.

Anonymous said...

our secret weapon . . . LAWYERS.

Let loose the Dogs of the Courts, teh Sharks of the lawsuit.

Sue the little bastard for unlicensed use of non Indian technologies like English, internal combustion and firearms.

They NEVER paid us for what they stole from us.

And don't get me going on teh miseries tobacco use has wrought on non-aboriginals.

Neo Conservative said...

"Fred :) said... our secret weapon . . . LAWYERS."

Mohawk's not-so-secret weapons...

Native protesters swept in at 9 p.m. Thursday night and protest leader, Mohawk Shawn Brant, said they were armed and willing to use force if police intervened.

"We've made no secret that we have guns within this camp."


Anonymous said...

Hey fred! You forgot one "non-Indian technology". - The wheel.

(Actually - Iron Age metallurgy might also be added).

Anonymous said...

That's ok Brandt is more white than indian so he is entitled to use firearms, wheels and internal combustion engines. He is only hoping that he is native enough to evoke our sympathy and let him get away with civil disobedience.