19 July 2007

Whores R Us

Who says you can't buy... or sell... love?

"I a 20 year old nursin student. I love to have fun and be pampered. I love the outdoors and to travel although I don't get the oppotunity to do so very often."
Look, you want literacy AND love, try a library.

This is the most lucid and economical expression of where our hedonistic, instant gratification, anything goes, anything is for sale society is headed.

There are, of course, some self limiting factors at play here.

You know, like... anybody who truly wants to be either a sugar daddy, or a whore... may not exactly be a poster child for mental health.

Let's call it the Paul and Karla syndrome.


OMMAG said...


The ad's poster is most likely an east European whore with a serious drug addiction and deadly STD's to share. Literacy is the least of her problems!!

Neo Conservative said...

so... if she's not actually a crack-whore, you're good with the rest of it?

you might wanna raise the bar just a tad.


Anonymous said...

You don't know anything about any of these people. They could be professionals and live very fulfilling lives.

Believe it or not, some people don't share your tight-ass views on sexuality.

20$ says you're boring in bed. Why else would you care what other people enjoy...and why would you care enough to insult them?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... They could be professionals and live very fulfilling lives"

yup... going onto the sexual equivalent of ebay and selling yourself to the highest bidder... sounds like they've really got their lives together.

i guess you wouldn't be bothered then if you saw your mother, sister or daughter up for grabs.

so tell me... you gonna break out the platinum visa and find the love of your life?

wow, sure wish i was open-minded like that.


OMMAG said...

Neo - Good reposte! But misplaced if you were as it appears ... directing that barb at my sense of morality.
I actually agree with your point .... just adding that the likelyhood of the poster being who and what they claim to be is really slim!

BTW - what were you looking for when you found this little slice of modern social intercourse ? ;)

Neo Conservative said...

"pgp said... directing that barb at my sense of morality."

yeah, we give good riposte here.

actually this isn't really about morality... it's simple common sense.

anybody who is willing to sell themselves sexually to the highest bidder/total stranger has, at minimum, some serious psyche issues... likewise for the buyers.

interpersonal rule number one... don't swap spit with damaged people... it always comes back and bites you on the, well...

as for where i got this...hadn't realised i didn't give the original url from the globe & mail website.

sorry to disappoint.