10 July 2007

Go big... or go home

A black man, an aboriginal... now someone with a disability... dammit, "WHERE'S MY LESBIAN?!!!"

-- TORONTO -- David Onley, a long-time reporter, anchor and host of CITY-TV in Toronto, will be the next lieutenant-governor of Ontario.
There's probably as much sense here... as giving it to a mega-wealthy businessman's, Irish-born, ex-super-model wife.

We're simply adding a huge dollop of fuzzy-bunny inclusive icing on top.


LAST WORD: It's what we're famous for...

Bowing to the "Gods of Political Correctness."

With, you know... just a few noteable exceptions.
Not discriminatory when Israel is the lone exception? It isn't only a discriminatory policy, it's cowardly.

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Lemon said...

Or how about giving their Bosses job in Ottawa exclusively to female CBC staffers of colour and former Grit MPs.

Neo Conservative said...

canada used to be a meritocracy. please... don't get me started.


langmann said...

This guy doesn't seem so bad because at least he contributes something to real causes. At least reading his biographies across the net seem to indicate so.

I've always thought Rick Hansen would have made a much better choice for GG rather than the one we have now or the previous unmentionable one who I won't name because she's so vicious she'd probably try and sue you. I mention him not because he's disabled but because he contributed to society.

I'm tired of these people who contribute nothing such as the unmentionable one, except platitudes for the Liberal Party of Canada.

Neo Conservative said...

picking someone because they're (politically incorrect term alert!!!) crippled... makes as much sense as using criteria like race, gender or financial/political juice.

but please, for pity's sake, whatever you do, don't add merit, or extraordinary vision, or the pursuit of excellence to the mix... who the hell knows what might happen then.

hey... let's not piss around here.

if there's a principle being applied here, other than pimp my gimp, i sure don't see it.


langmann said...

I don't think he was picked because he is disabled, I don't see any evidence of that. I'm sure there were other candidates but he seems to at least have a record of contribution which is better than we can say about the last few.

Cool Blue said...

1) Harper needs to make inroads in Toronto, this guy is a Toronto media icon

2)Just saw this guy being interviewed by CTV in his own living-room.

In the background of this room, there was a huge book placed on its own pedestal which you couldn't avoid noticing because of the huge gold lettering on its cover which said "Holy Bible"...hmm....

Is the story really that he's Ontario's first disabled LGG or, our is the real story that he's the first EVANGELICAL LGG?

If I wanted to hide the religious beliefs of a political appointee from a media which is hostile to those beliefs, wouldn't giving them an obvious, feel-good, politically correct story that they'd gobble up in a second be the perfect way to hide it?

Anonymous said...

One of the real problems with affirmative action is that few think you are actually deserving of the position you have been given. I would think that those in the targeted groups would want to be recognized for their accomplishments and not just their differences. We will never have a truly fair society until we end the discrimination of affirmative action.

Neo Conservative said...

"I don't think he was picked because he is disabled"

call me cynical, but i have to disagree.

i see them sitting there toting up the points for this, or that... maybe religiosity figured in as well.

just my 2 cents.


langmann said...

i see them sitting there toting up the points for this, or that... maybe religiosity figured in as well.

Hey don't get me wrong, I'm for scrapping this whole taxpayer funded welfare scam, pedestal ivory tower position left over from the dark ages that's called the Lt. Governor or Governor Gen.

All's I'm saying is that at least this guy has some credentials and has always seemed to be a decent fellow.

I'm sure there were two so called journalists chomping at the bit to suck more of the hard earned money out of our pockets by landing this cushy do-nothing racket. I won't say their names but they go something like this: Maude Barlow and Judy Rebick.

Better him than them I say.