14 July 2007

Technical difficulties

When it rains, it pours.

On top of being blackballed from the Blogging Tories aggregator... (details to follow shortly), I lost the modem in my primary box the other day... to a nearby lightning strike.

Currently using the jurassic laptop for net access... hope to slap a new modem card in later today, or tomorrow.

Service, as they say, will resume shortly.


UPDATE: Back in business

Managed to scare up a modem from my computer boneyard in the basement.

No sense spending big bucks on a new modem when the dialup around here maxes out at 28.8 kps. Gotta check on what's happening with hi-speed around here.


UPDATE: Back in the fold

Still having some intermittent comms issues, which prevented me from addressing the BT matter in any detail. My modem may not have been the only bit of hardware smoked by the lightning strike.

Perhaps it's just as well... I received an email from Stephen Taylor at Blogging Tories early this morning, letting me know that I have been reinstated.

Being the "free speech" kind of guy that I am, I had planned on sharing our exchange over the post in question... but in deference to Stephen's reconsideration of the matter, I remain inside the tent... pissing resolutely politically incorrectly outwards.


Unknown said...

Can't wait to hear about Blogging Tories...

Brian said...

reinstated? OK, now I'm pissed off:


Neo Conservative said...

brian... don't know what to say here.

my experience started off the same as yours, i was dropped without prior notification, but stephen did reply when i noticed i was png'd.

we went back and forth on my post and didn't seem to be moving any closer... and i figured i was out for good.

there's no telling how long before i reoffend... i remain resolutely "anti-political correctness"... and as the owners of bt, stephen and craig do have veto power over the blogroll.

that being said, i think censoring free speech is wrongheaded and, in the end, self destructive.

i shared my opinion with stephen.

the email saying i was reinstated was a complete surprise.


Unknown said...

I wouldn't want to belong to an organization that would accept me as a member;)