23 July 2007

So let's call for a ban on cars...

Every time a drunk crushes a pedestrian...

Akiel Eubank, 21, was arrested Sunday night and faces a charge of first degree murder, police said at a news conference Monday morning.

He is "extremely well known to the Toronto police as an active gang member," said Sgt. Gary Giroux, who added he is "confident" more arrests will be made.
You really think taking guns away from perfectly legal target shooters would have stopped this sociopath and his predatorial "gangsta"... uh... associates?

The actual problem here is that someone forget to raise this asshole with any sort of moral compass. Let's hear from his mom and uh, what's that word... father?

It doesn't matter what this stone cold killer had in his hand.

Why isn't anybody worried about what all these "disadvantaged" maniacs have in their heads.

It's the hard heart that kills.


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When people in "my community" are invited to a birthday party, they bring presents... not firepower.
The victim, Kimel Foster, 21, suffered several gunshot wounds to his abdomen and was pronounced dead about 30 minutes later, police said.

There were as many as 50 people in the bar where there was a birthday party -- it's unknown if Foster and the other victim were guests -- and Browne appealed for witnesses to come forward.

LAST WORD: Hey dumbass, "these people" are murderers.

It's not an episode of "Three's Company".
“They (meaning deceased 11 year olds) have nothing to do with the antics and problems these people get themselves into,” Ms. Taylor said.
Antics and problems, huh?

Is that what they call wholesale slaughter nowadays at Jane and Finch?

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Anonymous said...

The 'community' accepts these gun deaths, Mayor Moron & The Liberals accept these gun deaths - and the media love these gun deaths.

There is no will to make them stop. The post death parades are just annoying to hear about.

Anonymous said...

I can understand Calling the mother that raised Mr. Eubank incompetent makes alot of people feel better but it's unfortunate that sometimes even a good household can not help what a child learns on the street. And as far as his upbringing goes I can say Mr. Eubank was brought up right, It;s the streets that took over his young mind and transformed him into what he wouldnt want his children to be. Mr. eubank has not even had a trial and is still considered Innocent UNtil Proven Guilty. Let's not point fingers until we know the TRUTH!!!!! YOu and I were not at the scene to judge him or any other individual that was invovled!

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... sometimes even a good household can not help what a child learns on the street"

then that household has failed one of its primary obligations to society at large... turning out a responsible citizen.

and, by the way, he wasn't arrested for jaywalking... this was for first degree murder.

so put that in your root causes pipe... and smoke it.