06 July 2007

The future's so bright...

He's gotta wear shades blinders...

A day after Liberal MP Stephen Owen announced he would be resigning from politics, he praised his party for being in one of its "strongest positions" in years.
Yup... he's a Liberal.


joe said...

party strongest in years



I needed that

must go lie down now

Bruce Stewart said...

Stephen Owen:

Picked originally as a "star candidate" by Chr├ętien for the 2000 election - did essentially nothing whilst in Cabinet - as an MP he's been lacklustre, but oh so good at telling us in the riding how we're the ones who don't get it rather than listen to local opinion and desires - glad he is going; his delusions will be a real asset at UBC.

The worst part about it is that Vancouver Quadra will be a real tough fight at the next election. The Liberals (despite everything) have been able to run a red box with an "L" painted on it and win. Seeing Quadra taken from them will please me immensely.