26 July 2007

No soup for you!!!

Reminiscent of a landmark episode of Seinfeld, here's a somewhat surrealistic moment in Canadian politics... wherein the Fiberals, Dippers and the Bloc-heads team up to piss all over our aboriginal brothers.

-- OTTAWA -- The three opposition parties have formed a united front to block the Conservative government's quest to pass a law that would make the Indian Act subject to the federal human rights code.
What's that scary Stephen Harper up to now?
Bill C-44 would remove a 30-year-old exemption of the Indian Act from the Canadian Human Rights Act and extend the reach of the Canadian Human Rights Commission over claims of discrimination that have been shielded because the Indian Act is outside the human rights code.

The Canadian Human Rights Act outlaws discrimination in employment and services on such grounds as sex, race, ethnic origin, and marital status. The exemption has been condemned time and again in Canada and at the United Nations.
Good grief... the scary neocons want to treat natives as equals. It's, well... outrageous.

Thank goodness for the enlightened left.


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An interesting point at the Broom
Reserves are largely excluded from human rights law because of a temporary 1977 exemption, designed to give First Nations time to prepare, that was never removed.

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Anonymous said...

This is almost unbelievable.

The NDP/Liberals/Bloc want to deny ordinary aboriginals human rights protection because the Indian Chiefs and their lawyers want to keep absolute power over aboriginals.

Chiefs, their lawyers, members of band councils, Indian & Northern Affairs bureaucrats and some other bureaucrats all make bags of money off the suffering of ordinary aboriginals - while it's understandable that they want to keep their gravy train on the tracks - it is not right.

Neo Conservative said...

i was just speechless when i saw this... i can't believe the leftbots wanna die on this particular hill.


Calgary Junkie said...

Good to see Harper playing hardball with the Opps on this. The timing is good--middle of summer, nothing much else going on politically, and the Opp MPs inconvenienced by having to get back to Ottawa.

The optics of how many actually show up to the Committee meeting, and how much they squawk about it will be revealing.

A bit of suffering for Harper's opponents is a good tactic. Kind of like how he is late for press conferences in the foyer of H of C, doesn't give the reporters any chairs, no simultaneous translation available, and gives the whole announcement in French first.

wilson said...

With this historic treaty, where Natives voted to no longer be governed by the Indian Act ( and will pay taxes) I assume that these Natives are now protected by the code.
Anyone know for sure?


wilson said...

hmmm. link at http://www.nationalnewswatch.com/

Anonymous said...

Interesting "TWIST" you're putting on this.

How about the "truth" and facts before you rant!

Sigh.....it just never ends with you people does it?

Keep twisting and you'll get yourselves tied up in knots.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... Interesting "TWIST" you're putting on this."

well professor... there's certainly no rebutting that incredibly lucid & incisive argument.


Anonymous said...

Wow. A conservative outraged over the treatment of his "aboriginal brothers and sisters". That's a laugh.

If you actually gave a shit, like you say you do, why don't you pressure your party to impliment the Kelowna Accord.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... why don't you pressure your party to impliment(sic) the Kelowna Accord."

why would i do that? are the liberals gonna start implementing conservative policy?

i suppose it's also a little nit-picky to point out... the liberals didn't do shit about the sacred kelowna accord during their decade plus of majority government.

i mean c'mon...


Anonymous said...

“Neo said ..... i suppose it's also a little nit-picky to point out... the liberals didn't do shit about the sacred kelowna accord during their decade plus of majority government.”

Now that's a comment that could be said for a host of issues that the Liberals didn't do shit about.

Anonymous said...

The 'Kelowna Accord' was a desperate cheque written by a Prime Minister desperate to hold on to power - a cheque that wouldn't have been worth the paper it was written on if Paul Martin had gotten Liberal fingers back into the treasury.

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

The Kelowna so-called "Accord" apparently does not exist.

I refer you to the following :article by Juliette O'Neill / Ottawa Citizen / Tuesday / 17 July 2007 headed "Prove It, Prentice Tells Former PM Martn."

In this article, Jim Prentice challenges Martin to produce evidentiary proof of the existence of a signed copy of said accord.
So far, Admiral Paul, has not. Notice that last word.

NOT! As in: Paul. NOT do job good at all. As my Dad might have put it.

Nothing but silence and private mini golf-course building from the Admiral Paul M. camp.

Had a couple of Aboriginal pals say to me "...that any First Nations person, even remotely, associating with the Liberal Party of Canada, could probably fit right in at the US Cavalry Souvenir Stand at Little Big Horn or Wounded Knee and the like, selling bobble-headed dolls of a "victorious" General Custer, and totchkes like that. Or at some stand outside of Battleford Sask., selling "Hanging Louis Riel" dolls.



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