24 July 2007

If the Liberals really want...

To do something about gun crime... why are they stalling this legislation in the Senate?

Bill C-10, An Act to amend the Criminal Code to provide a five-year minimum sentence for crimes committed with a deadly weapon.

Bill C-35, an Act to amend the Criminal Code to require reverse onus in bail hearings for firearm-related offences.

UPDATE: No more liberal hypocrisy
-- TORONTO -- The federal minority Conservative government's efforts to clamp down on the gun violence plaguing some of Canada's big-city streets are being thwarted by the Liberal-dominated Senate, the country's justice minister complained Tuesday.

"The Liberals talk out of both sides of their mouth," Nicholson told The Canadian Press from his riding in Niagara Falls, Ont.

"They say, when it's to their advantage during elections, that they're tough on crime, but where is the support when we're bringing forward these pieces of legislation?"
Email Stephane Dion and let him know how you feel.


LAST WORD: What's with those Liberals...

And their scary, hidden agenda?
Best lefty post on the thread, bar none:

"To single out Jamaica is wrong. Quebec has a serious criminal problem originating in its Haitian community. Ottawa has a criminal problem originating in its Somali community."

"We must be careful with generalities..."

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Anonymous said...

Shootings give the Liberal Party a great platform to spew warm fluffy gibberish - they don't want to give that up at all, it's free advertising, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Cut out the crap here - most of the crime bills were not even presented until the last minute - Harper has lied and you fell for it again.

It's a good thing "some" people pay attention to the facts - you need to.

You keep falling for this CPC spin garbage don't you.

Unknown said...

Todays Star has an editorial by Carol Goar; Immigrant dream turning sour - solution- Blame Whitey!

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... most of the crime bills were not even presented until the last minute"

check the date on the press release... feb 2007... 5 months ago.

i guess in libspeak that's no time at all.

no hurry... no bullets flyin' in steffi's neighbourhood i guess.