12 July 2007

Thorny legal issue

But the question of whether the First Amendment allows the government to ban depictions of illegal conduct, as opposed to the conduct itself, is a difficult one, legal experts said.

In the Florida suit, moreover, the company says it broadcasts cockfights from Puerto Rico, where they are legal.
Totally superfluous background information...
The law was enacted in response to so-called “crush videos,” in which, according its legislative history, women “talking to the animals in a kind of dominatrix patter” crushed them “with their bare feet or while wearing high-heeled shoes.”
There truly are things in this world I just don't need to know.


langmann said...

Some people are screwed. What's scary is to believe that there are enough of them out there to support the production of this crap.

Neo Conservative said...

see... it's all a matter of perspective.

over at liblogs, or blogging dippers, they'd tell you it's our (society's) fault... for not funding enough social programs to help the poor darlings.