11 July 2007

Must be a slow news day...

In the nation's capital...

A band of disgruntled conservatives plans to throw a new party into the mix for Ontario voters as they gear up for the provincial election in October.

Anthony Silvestro, the group's spokesman, described the Ontario Alternative party as the first step in what he hopes will become a national alternative to the federal Conservative party.
Hope, of course, doesn't cost anything... and that's good news for Mr. Silvestro... his last kick at the cat was less than a rousing success.

In the 1999 Ontario general election, running under the banner of the "Confederation of Regions Party" in Ottawa West—Nepean, Mr. Silvestro managed to finish 7th out of 8 candidates with a total of 79 votes... apparently sweeping his family and immediate circle of friends.

It wasn't a total disaster however... he did manage to trounce Yogic Flyer and Natural Law Party candidate Lester J. Newby, who scraped up a measly 70 votes.

But hey... let's not stop the media from calling this new conservative "alternative" a threat to the Conservative Party of Ontario.

Cos' it could happen, right?


langmann said...

It will have about as much of an effect on the Conservative Party as a gnat in a minefield...

But you have to admit that we'd both love to vote for a party that actually wants to cut all that useless spending and significantly lower our taxes while making property rights entrenched.

In fact I think there are a lot of Canadians who feel the same way. Unfortunately for us the lackey's in the media, CBC, and the universities know that they'd be out of a job as soon as we all proved we don't need them.