07 July 2007

The most distinguishing feature...

Of China's central food-safety regulatory system is that there isn't one.

Adding to the problem is rampant corruption. Officials can be bribed, and instead of shutting down illegal operations, many regulators just impose fines so they can collect more money in the future.
Economic dynamo, my ass.

China... poisoning themselves and the world.


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To high-speed railways... they just don't seem to care.
-- BEIJING -- Fake construction material is jeopardizing the safety of China's newest high-speed railway, a Chinese newspaper says.

An investigation by the newspaper found that large quantities of bogus material had been used in several hundred kilometres of a $12-billion (U.S.) high-speed railway between the cities of Wuhan and Guangzhou.

The newspaper, China Economic Times, said the scam by unscrupulous suppliers could lead to cracking in the railway's concrete supports, creating a “great danger” to the railway.
All aboard!!!

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Anonymous said...

Nothing made in china in your home?
I doubt it. Hypocrite.


Neo Conservative said...

i make sure i check these days... never mind being poisoned, you get what you pay for... and chinese manufactured goods are uniformly shoddy.

you go ahead and mindlessly consume.

i'll keep my eyes open.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

I am reading labels more now than ever. It is shocking how many of our consumer goods are coming from China. Just try to buy something Canadian-made now. It is difficult to even find; never mind the price.

Anonymous said...

I am starting to resist the 'made in China' labels, and was thrilled recently to find 'Canada maple leaf' t-shirts with the 'made in Canada' label.
For some time now the discussion in our home has been re: imposing North American standards and limitations on foreign made products could backfire, and cause undo distress on the labourers in those nations. If they really need those exports to feed their family, our restrictions would backfire and hurt individuals.It is a constant emotional dilemna.
But with this recent news, I have decided to not buy 'made in China.'
I'm not expecting my bit of shopping to have any effect(not a mall bunny)...just a personal statement.

Neo Conservative said...

"vicki said... cause undo distress on the labourers in those nations"

i'm a little more worried, to give just one example, about the distress of small children in this nation caused by chewing on lead painted toys.

this is about health and safety... not setting up an international welfare system for autocratic regimes that abuse their own citizens.


Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... Nothing made in china in your home"

not anything consumable...

"Dozens of people have died in China because of poor quality or fake food and drugs, sparking widespread international fears about the safety of Chinese exports.

"Thirteen babies died of malnutrition in 2005 after being fed powdered milk that had no nutritional value."

who are these fucking homicidal "businessmen"?

what sort of conscienceless culture behaves like this?

oh yeah... the one that pitches out female babies with the garbage.