08 July 2007

What your OHIP premiums...

Really pay for.

-- TORONTO -- Critics say the Liberals are turning a blind eye to health-care fraud by not quickly phasing out millions of old health cards following a recommendation from the province's auditor general months ago.

The old cards don't have photo identification or expiry dates, making them a target for fraud estimated at up to $22 million annually.

Auditor General Jim McCarter called for the government to "expedite'' the phase-out of the old cards in his December report because of suspected fraud.

Premier Dalton McGuinty said the government isn't being complacent about replacing the old cards. Although he still carries an old red-and-white card in his wallet, McGuinty said it's unacceptable that phasing them out has taken this long.
Despite the fact that there are 300,000 more OHIP cards in circulation... than there are people in Ontario... Dalton McGuinty isn't moving to shut off the taxpayer tap.

Can someone explain that one to me?


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From her friends.
Former Liberal MP Jane Stewart has been appointed to a $700-a-day post on a panel to examine the horse racing and breeding industry in Ontario.

Stewart served as chief negotiator in the Caledonia land dispute. Her year-long stint paid $225,370 based on a $1,300 daily rate.

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Joanne (True Blue) said...

Vote for the Anyone-But-McGuinty party.

Anonymous said...

I moved to Ontario 12 years ago and had to apply for a new card.
5 years later I had to renew it. The second trip required the same Id and proof of citizenship. Friends who had lived here all their life and had the old card w/o picture had never been called to renew or get a picture taken.

Anonymous said...

on the related Jane Stewart:

Suck to be me.

sincerely a taxpayer

Burton, Formerly Kingston said...

Sarcasm on,How is Ms Stewart judged to be competent to do this job, she is an outsider, she never made her way up through the stables not once has she cleaned a stall at Woodbine. Has she held a mare head as she been bred. She had better not put on a jockey uniform. Sarcasm off

Neo Conservative said...

"kingston said... How is Ms Stewart judged to be competent to do this job"

nobody could accuse her of not being thoroughly acquainted with horseshit.


Anonymous said...

heh heh

Mac said...

Hey, why not appoint Jane? After all, look at all the success she had on the Caledonia file... no, wait...

Anonymous said...

OMG! Those poor horses are gonna be bred with Jane Stewart! Call the Humane Society!