18 July 2007

Some things to consider...

Before you break out the champagne...

Nationally, the homicide rate fell 10 per cent, ending two years of increases, but the number of young people accused of murder was the highest since data was first collected in 1961.
And some places were alarmingly worse than others.
There were 605 homicides reported to police in 2006, which translates to 1.85 homicides for every 100,000 people.

Saskatchewan again had the highest rate of all provinces, with 4.1 homicides for every 100,000 people.
Now that's one hell of a variation from the mean... what's up with the not-so-gentle folk of Saskatchewan?
Saskatchewan stands out for two reasons, he said: It consistently has the highest crime rate, and it has the highest percentage of native Canadians in its justice system.
Oh no... shsshhhh... stop, stop... you can't say that!!!

Not unless you blame it on our racist anglo-saxon society.

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Anonymous said...

Well, interesting. 30% reduction since 1991 - the Liberal years. Harper hasn't got his legal package implemented and had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Interesting.....and yet, the CPC keep the fear factor going - oh yes, it worked for Bush didn't it.

About Bush and the US - they are the worst and yet Harper wants to adopt their crime package?

Anonymous said...

5:51 anon - what are you talking about? Coherence is difficult for Liberals, but you could at least give it a shot.

New York city made progress against crime by getting tough on all crimes and all criminals - that's what we should be doing.

Venezuela has the highest rate of gun deaths in the Western hemisphere - so let's not do whatever it is they're doing.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... and yet, the CPC keep the fear factor going"

you're joking, right? you figure if you cherrypick one factoid, you can turn the fiberals into crimefighters?

let's see...

"The 2006 crime statistics, based on incidents reported to police, show the 3 per cent drop in the national crime rate was due mainly to a decline in break-ins, small thefts and counterfeiting.

That small drop in prevalent crime helped reduce the entire crime rate, said University of Ottawa criminology professor Ron Melchers."

here's another number you chose to ignore...

the number of young people accused of murder was the highest since data was first collected in 1961.

let's not get started on the money the fiberals stole directly from the taxpayers... there's a never ending story.