09 July 2007

Do you believe in magic?

"If you want to save the planet, I want you to start jumping up and down!


Anonymous said...

My favourite part from Australia.

It was "unAustralian", one spectator protested. "This is what happens when you let hippies organise a big event," another said. One woman, asked by Missy Higgins "how you all are back there", earned a wry round of applause from the stands when she shouted: "Sober."

Anonymous said...

Also,I liked the irony of this(sort of related).

Dealing with disaster.Mayor Miller opens conference that discusses coping with cataclysmic occurrences.

The key themes for the 17th World Conference on Disaster Management, which will draw 1,500 participants from 35 countries, include the challenges posed by climate change as well as protecting vital infrastructure.

Maybe like the bankruptcy of Toronto?

Neo Conservative said...

gotta love it.

the only "vital infrastructure" david miller is interested in protecting is his commie pinko ass.