16 May 2020

Imagine all the, well... you know

Oh, UnMe... don't ever change...

"Well … there is one silver lining to your idiocy … all the poor people would die of starvation as they can no longer afford food. So, Darwin would thin the ranks of the weak, and poorly educated."
That's how the world works outside of North America.

BONUS UNME: What's a little fentanyl among friends?
"The only outrage here is the continued persecution of people for committing non-crime such as drug dealing and owning [illegal] guns."
The lunatic left sees "Junkie" as a lifestyle, not a problem.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says -------- a hungry man will not stand by and watch his family starve, he, as in I, would take whatever was or is needed to make sure my children and grandchildren did not starve. That would involve relieving every politico of everything they have in direct punishment for what "they" have caused.

Neo Conservative said...

the grocery stores start to look empty
there will be murder & mayhem.

everybody used to laugh at preppers.
not any more.


BDFT said...

And those who are dumb enough to hand in their guns deserve everything they get. Things are just getting started.

Neo Conservative said...

"A government which does not trust its citizens
to be armed is not itself to be trusted."

Niccolò Machiavelli