05 December 2019

C'mon... that's just phonin' it in, bro

Apart from "Turning His Life Around"... this is the most overused headline/cliche in crime journalism extant... and it serves no one particularly well...insert alt text here
"An 18-year-old who was murdered in Brampton on Saturday was described as an aspiring rapper who died far too soon."
Alas, in much the same way that 7 year-old me was an aspiring cowboy... or costumed crimefighter... poor Joel will never get to live his dream. More to the point, he was served up a horrific death.

PS • Uploading a video to Youtube doesn't mean you're a star... except maybe in your own mind.

I'm with comedian Chris Rock...
“Why are you lying to these children? Maybe four of them can be anything they want to be. But the other 2,000 better learn how to weld."

"You can be anything you’re good at, as long as they’re hiring. And even then it helps to know somebody.”

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Let's take a look at Toronto's vibrant & caring rap music scene...most wantedBe careful what you wish for...
Jerome Belle was an aspiring rapper who went by the nickname “Murda” and his sister said that he wanted to “go big.”
"Up-and-coming rapper C-Sick Carrington was killed on his way to a recording studio."
23-year-old Anthony Spencer, an aspiring rap artist, died after friends dumped him at a Scarborough hospital early Saturday.
Apparently rapper Michael "Trick" George of the group "Lowlife" gets to live, so to speak, his art.
Then, there's your double-double...
"Smoke Dawg," a rising rapper, was Jamaican and a member of the Halal Gang, made up of him along with Puffy L’z, Mo-G, and SAFE. “Kosi” was a music brand manager.
Hells bells... you might as well meet the Class of 2018.


LAST WORD: Smell the Professional Journalism

Let's wrap up here...
"Talented music producer and artist," Quinn Taylor was brutally and inexplicably cut down in his artistic prime. He was "transitioning" from living with his mother to living with a girlfriend."
Transitioning, huh? That sounds way more impressive than filling a garbage bag with clothes and grabbing a bus to Rexdale.

Don't get me started on "street names."