21 March 2019

Please Justin... act quickly...

...we need to make shooting people "super double illegal"...most wanted

A shooting in the Malvern neighbourhood of Scarborough has sent a male victim to hospital with serious injuries. Upon arrival at the scene, officers said they located a male victim suffering from at least one gunshot wound. He was conscious and breathing at the time.

A black male suspect was seen fleeing the area.

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Diversity is our streng... sweet baby jebus...
"Homicide detectives have taken over investigating an early-March shooting after the victim, 32-year-old Nashwan Yonan succumbed to his injuries in hospital."
It gets better, by which I mean worse...
Toronto police released video of a gunman, perched through the sunroof of a car, opening fire on another vehicle in the city's east end.


Anonymous said...


Neo Conservative said...

"one person sustained injuries after being
shot by pellet gun while two others
suffered stab wounds."

"non-life-threatening injuries... targeted
attack, no threat to public safety."