18 March 2019

Conspiracy theorist & Liberal cheerleader...

...Michael Wernick falls on his sword... or did he?insert alt text here

“It is now apparent that there is no path for me to have a relationship of mutual trust and respect with the leaders of the Opposition parties."
Hmmm... I'm wondering about the timing here...
Earlier this month, lawyer Marie Henein threatened to ask the court to subpoena Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's former principal secretary, Gerald Butts, and Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick to testify in Norman's trial if they don't produce all documents relevant to the defence.
These guys don't give a rooster crap about committees or the electorate... but, trust me, they're scared witless of human buzzsaw Marie Henein.


Michael Wernick, Government Relations Coordinator for the engineering and construction firm, said he had a great time serving the corporation while working with many people he considers friends.


Anonymous said...

Wernick used the word Vomitorium when he was televised and testifying before an entire nation. It's an unusual and rather pretentious word, and it doesn't mean what he thinks it means.
How stupid can he be, the top civil servant, supposedly educated and intelligent. to actually employ a word that he doesn't know the meaning of, while testifying on television.
A vomitorium is an area or passage through which large numbers of people exit an amphitheatre.
What a third-world nation this has devolved into.

Anonymous said...

And I agree about Marie Henein. She's brilliant and they're rightly terrified of her.

Martin said...

I suspect he was counseled by someone that perhaps his time was up, though Jr has denied firing him for what it's worth.

When Lisa Raitt nailed him for accepting a call from SNC Executive K Lynch, and essentially lying to the committee about it, his fate was sealed. Canadians will accept a lot from their political masters, but he was supposed to be the top non-partisan PS. He is correct in saying he had lost the confidence of all Opposition parties, but through his own antics. He had also lost confidence of anyone who watched him testify.

Neo Conservative said...

when wernick tossed out the nonsense
about political assassination, his
goose was effectively cooked. who
wants to have the most senior civil
servant in the country sounding like
a morning drive shock jock.

it was his, "LOOK, SQUIRREL!" moment.


Anonymous said...

I felt disbelief when he said that, introducing a very negative thought-seed into the national consciousness that I had never heard previously expressed by anyone else. It was highly irresponsible and not indicative of sober speech or thought.
Again, one is left wondering, are these really our best and brightest???

Neo Conservative said...

you have to ask yourself, why do
all these partisan hacks, guys
like "johnny walker mccallum"
get so many kicks at the cat?

it's a mystery to me.