06 March 2019

Genuine... that's a good one

insert alt text hereCry Halibut... and let slip the Dogs of Warren!!!

Enough lowly Warren, let's check in with the arse-licking CBC... which is trotting out more milquetoast argle-bargle...insert alt text here

"This matter has generated an important discussion," Trudeau told supporters at the rally. "How our democratic institutions conduct themselves is critical and core to all of our principles."
Or lack thereof, I'd say.

Sunny Ways, bro!


BREAKING: It's the "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Defense"

Looks like the Libranos have decided to go the non-apology route...insert alt text hereGerald Butts testifies before Committee... basically says Jody Wilson-Raybould was fine with everything until she got shitcanned from Justice portfolio.

Women, huh Gerry? #FeminismWhenItSuitsMe


Anonymous said...

If the Liberals want to save their party and their election odds, they could so by abandoning Trudeau and making Jody Wilson Raybould their PM.
But the party insiders are too corrupt and Trudeau-centric to see that.

Neo Conservative said...

jwr is not a quebec insider... nor
obviously a member of the old boys
club. she was really simply librano
window dressing.

as her primary political alliegance
seems to be to the aboriginal
community, she could quadruple her
salary by working as a lobbyist for
"big indian."

we'll see which way she jumps.


Anonymous said...

The Libranos! I like it...it's almost as if at least one member of Chretien's cabinet was a made guy or something:)

Neo Conservative said...

in quebec politics, i'm afraid it's
entirely possible.