05 June 2017

Two words...

...Genghis... Khan...

"Judging people of the past by the moral standards of today is grotesque intellectual arrogance, what you expect from 19-year-old sophomores demanding trigger warnings."

"The people of the past lived in a different moral universe, just as the people of the future will."
Instead of tearing down Civil war monuments and turning Confederate flags into the Devil's own toilet paper... perhaps the smelly hippies should address some real societal problems...an actual problem to be addressedOr you could just blame Donald Trump, I guess.


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Katy Perry can finally buy $14.5 million Los Feliz convent - Court battle pitted Perry against elderly nuns
Let's just take a moment to consider the other side of this argument...
Former Navy Seal Carl Higbie to Katy Perry.... "Hold one of your concerts in Syria and see how it goes."
I'd pay good money to see that.


Bill Elder said...

REason and historic fact are not part of the argument todat, actually there is no argument the BS is right and those who counter with fact are raaaayyysssissst.

As long as we're bringing u historic fact that is inconvenient to the marxist narratives, during the run up to the civil war Lincoln (a Republican) ran to abolish slavery, no republican in Congress owned any slave - wo did? well 100% of the Democrats did . Dems voted for segregation up to and past LBJ. DEms voted against integrated schools and bussing. Dems were also the party of the KKK. - but it's GOP who are the raysists