11 June 2017

Just something to think about...

..the next time you're working on your federal taxes...pimpin

A brutal Toronto lawyer-pimp was awarded a lucrative federal government contract providing pharmaceutical and medical supplies to remote northern Manitoba communities.

Patterson, now 53, was convicted in Toronto of kidnapping and threatening to mutilate a terrified teen prostitute and sentenced to seven years in June 2000.

And he kept the contract while serving a penitentiary sentence for his crimes. Taxpayers were paying Grand Medicine $9 million to $10 million annually in the final years of the contract.
Makes you wonder how many similar cases go totally undetected.


"'Brutal Toronto lawyer-pimp'? I want that on my business cards!"


bill elder said...

Pretty much tops mt government outrage of the year file I had to read it twice to ensure My eyes weren't playing tricks on me - but yep gummint IS that inept/corrupt - some sort of trophy is due - The gilded turd award?

Anonymous said...

"Brutal Toronto lawyer-pimp"? I want that om my business cards!

Neo Conservative said...

"you shoot 'em, we moot 'em..." ...

of course, it's less amusing when you realise the government made this guy a millionaire with taxpayer dollars while he was in federal lockup.