11 June 2017

Dear New York Times... seriously now...

...there's actually a "Debate on Genital Mutilation?"

The practice can include narrowing the vaginal opening and sewing it virtually closed, removing the clitoris or labia, or cutting, piercing, burning or scraping the clitoral hood.

Justifications for it vary, including to curb sexual promiscuity, preserve tradition or, said Ms. Raja, “take a bad bug or a germ out of you.”
The word "mutilation" is actually right freakin' there in the title of your article. In what non-stone age society is this actually being "debated?"

And then there's the European Imam who advised Muslims to "breed like mosquitos"...
"The more Muslims grow, the more their enemies will fear them... Muslims should go for more and more children," he said.

Denied their husbands' permission to speak, none of the three men's wives could give their views on family planning in Islam.

LAST WORD: Muhammed take the wheel...religion of peace


Bill Elder said...

I'm sorry Neo, but I have to take the same stand on this aspect of Islam-meets-western-Proggies as I do the beta male cuck progs who embrace this stone age ideology - I can't get all lathered over FGM ( Female Genital Mutilation ) when feminists have embraced Islam like a long lost pimp daddy - If they are so stupid to think Shatia Islam is just a benign way of dressing, then they must embrace the whole package, wife beating, honor killing and trimmed up booty an all.

Nope, not gonna get outraged or upset when this is what western proggy women pound the pavement for in their faux burkas and Allah Akbar chants, any more than when proggy gays get slaughtered in night club attacks by the open border rich cultural diversity they pound the pavement for.

You get what you ask for in this world (unless you are not an unhinged cultural suicider) and the demented left who do not protest this deserve to get what they want and get it good and hard.

Anonymous said...

If only it were just the loony leftie dementoids who suffered the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately, all of society does. ~ Lesley

Neo Conservative said...

and more sad news out of afghanistan... an afghan "commando", the elite of their fighting force turned on his american allies and killed three and wounded another.

it keeps happening again and again.


Anonymous said...

Sads news indeed but not at all surprising it was,is and will remain the nature of the beast.
As for FGM well if the males in this enlightened culture had their wobbly bits removed as a condition of migration it would solve a lot of the problems they cause.