27 November 2016

Very publicly b!tch-slapped by Twitter...

P'tit-P'tat pumps the brakes on the "kiss a commie for mommie" train...insert alt text here

"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Fidel Castro was a dictator and he did not intend to minimize the former Cuban leader's human rights abuses."
Of course, Justy couldn't bring himself to reel it all back in...
“He certainly was a polarizing figure and there certainly were significant concerns around human rights.”
Maybe it's some sort of French thing?
On Sunday, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, who headed the Quebec delegation to la Francophonie, backed Trudeau’s comments about the former Cuban leader.

“Yes, his accomplishments will be (remembered) in various tones of grey — some white, some black — but historians will have to decide this,” Couillard said. “I see no controversy in describing him as a giant of the 20th century.”
No, you dumbstick... he was a mass murderer.


UPDATE: Much to Canada's embarrassment...justin dumbstick...this thing has legs...justin dumbstickDon't blame me... I didn't vote for him.


Martin said...

Worldwide ridicule and embarrassment is heaped on Jr, and by implication Canada who managed to elect him PM. One of the few times Canada is noted on international sites had to be for his imbecilic statements. Not to be outdone CBC continues a marathon of idol worship for this murderous dictator. CBC assumes that what is important to the Trudeau family, also resonates with ordinary Canadians. Trudeau and his Liberal party working hand and glove with CBC. Canadians have surely seen enough of the Trudeaus and the state broadcaster.

Anonymous said...

The authoritarian left runs deep in that one - the left loves their heroes - excuses, parsing and verbal misdirection used to apologize for misery and death. Who is counting the murdered and tortured bodies when the cause is glorious.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Who is counting the murdered and tortured bodies..."

not justy & friends.


Anonymous said...

And they will still move the monument to the victims of communism and change the design to make it look less forbiding. Anything to rewrite history and undo Harper's every initiative.

Rich said...

I will be waiting for the day when one reporter asks him...."and what is your reaction to Castro's having butchered about 100,000 of his people?
Please do not use the words "controversial, different sides, evolved, or human rights in this context. For bonus points....and do tell us how you'd feel if you had sat on Stalin's knee."

Neo Conservative said...

"rich says... waiting for the day when one reporter asks him"

never happen.

cbc was congratulating themselves on their audacity for asking the boy-king if he thought fidel was "a dictator."

they didn't take it an inch further than that. you don't want to sully justy's reputation overmuch.


Rich said...

I want to sully it much more than overmuch...call it overmulch.

He STILL doesn’t get it ...his new comments are more of the same mealy mouthed talk trying to walk back a bit but really, his heart is still with Fidel. The butchery of 100,000 Cubans at Castro’s hands is something Trudeau can overlook with ease.
He doesn’t get it.....not one bit!
http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/11/27/justin-trudeau-booed-grey-cup-2016_n_13272622.html See video under bold, article title.
The second instance of moral relativism, diverting the issue , and dodging the question...he just can’t bring himself to do anything but apologize for the mass murderer.
He was booed at the Grey Cup over this issue.
And now CBC...it was just on...he is not going to the funeral as he had planned. He is sending the GOVERNOR GENERAL;he does NOT get it at all.
Ta-Da....for the hat trick....this is the third instance of blindness.
Castro killed 100,000 people;we cannot HONOUR this guy in any way.
What the hell is wrong with Justin’s moral compass?
Once...I can forgive; twice...nearing get the hook time, 3 times,...we have a hopeless, complete, tone-deaf dud here.

Neo Conservative said...

rich... i'm convinced that he just isn't that bright.


Bill E said...

Idea: We get Che-like T-shirts with JT's mug in CG's hat, and the caption is - "this demented child does not speak for Canada."

I Think they'd sell.

Rich said...

I'm in for three !