29 November 2016

More pavilions at...

...oh...my... gawd...

A new study reveals what is really inside that greasy treat we buy at the end of a night out - and the vast majority doesn’t even qualify as Döner meat.

“Adding turkey or large quantities of sausage meat and undeclared additives is not allowed in classic Döner meat,” Dr. Volkmar Heinke, a government researcher, told NDR. “Sausage meat is something that can include skeletal muscles, including blood vessels, nerves and fat tissue. In other words, pretty much anything can be in it.”

In a separate study carried out by north German officials, 90 percent of meat sold as Döner kebabs did not meet the legal requirements.
Keepin' it veal, Germany? What's a little minced goat nostrils among friends, huh?

In other "meat-related" German news...
A group of experts from state and federal police have been analyzing the events of New Year’s Eve last year under a project called “Silvester” - meaning New Year’s Eve in German.

Across Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) recorded 881 sexual crimes within public places and 1,231 victims. Almost all the victims were young women between the ages of 18 and 24.
Islamic Bros before ho-ho-hoes? All those unescorted women just walking around indiscriminately flashing a little ankle... or face... whaddaya think was gonna happen?

What's Mama Merkel gonna do to fix things? Apparently there's a sort of Trumpian solution under consideration...
The report also recommends a better review and registration of refugees upon their arrival in the country.
Wake up folks and smell the obligatory government-mandated diversity.


Bill E said...

Not at the top of my haught cuisine list, not even close.

Neo Conservative said...

that, unfortunately, is one of the things about the third world... everything is a lie.

all that nonsense about enriching "old dead white guy" culture is a campaign of misinformation designed to make you look the other way.

if things were so shit hot back in the home country, why would any of these folks ever want to leave?