29 November 2016

Silence of the BLMs

The PMO has not yet revealed whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be penning Mr Gibson's eulogy...

Marcus Gibson, aka Ruckus, was one of two men charged with first-degree murder for the November 2014 shooting of Tariq Mohammed, 31, at Garden restaurant in Chinatown. Ceylon Carrington, Mr Gibson's co-accused in that killing was gunned down in Leslieville eight months ago.

A relative, Glenton Gibson, 23, was stabbed to death at a St. James Town apartment building in 2012. Another relative, Michael Teddy Gibson, aka Tyke is wanted for a deadly stabbing that occurred earlier this year, sources say.
Toronto professional journalists are still putting all these puzzle pieces together, but have boldly speculated that Marcus "may have had ties to street gangs."

Note that "professional" journalist Chris Doucette found the obligatory clueless "witness", Florence, who stated, "she didn’t know Gibson well but he was “kind” and “always smiling."

In other "Snitches get Stitches" news...

Another recent winner of Toronto's "SickSporty NineMillimeter" lottery is 17 year old Caheem "Clayshawn" Monteith aka Ramsuchit, gunned down in the oft-cryptically referenced "north-west" end of the city.

While no one at CBC will say why Mr Monteith/Ramsuchit was apparently very deliberately targeted, they were more than willing to roll out the trifecta of tragedy, the victim's "vibrant youth," basketball chops and "larger-than-life personality."


LAST WORD: I smell Pulitzer
Six people have been arrested after shots were fired at an apartment building near Shuter and Sherbourne streets overnight.
Yeah, sorry... that's it. You want names, you have to go somewhere that's not Canada's national broadcaster.


Martin said...

In more important news, CBC has asked for an additional $400m from taxpayers so they can continue to not report news that doesn't suit their agenda. This begs the question, for $1.2B expenditure why do Canadians have to access US sources to get information on breaking stories?

Neo Conservative said...

i'll take my political news and commentary from "small dead animals" or "iowahawk" any day of the week.

the msm has forever disgraced themselves with their "madam president" argle bargle.

donald j trump... because it pisses off all the right people.