25 July 2015

You could abolish gender entirely...

...and some folks still wouldn't be satisfied..."no pledge, no prancingLet's face it... if you can't get along with the Lotus Land Liberal Party (the folks who provide government subsidised heroin to the largest aggregate junkie population in North America) will you ever be able to find inner peace?


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...into the new Mary Tyler Moore...
The series opens with an episode so nuanced and thoughtful, so quietly moving and genuine, it's almost impossible to believe it is made by many of the same people who helped build a family empire off the infamy of a young woman's sex tape.
Nope, not seeing it... what exactly is "nuanced" about a surgically fabricated woman... WITH A PENIS?

Of course it's being done by the same media whores who saturated the airwaves with Kardashian non-events. And please, let's not pretend this appeals to the higher intellect.

Perhaps, at some point, Bruce/Caitlyn will auction off his penis onscreen and blossom into full womanhood. This is all about monetising an increasingly popular surgical fetish... not that there's anything wrong with that.

But seriously, how exactly is this any different from freeing your inner Romulan, Klingon or Vulcan?

Live long and prosper Brucie.