04 July 2015

When you vote this fall...

...ask yourself... will Thomas Mulcair or Justin Trudeau work to place this bill back on the legislative agenda?

Of course not.get out of jail free card
"The Harper government introduced a bill, which passed first reading before Parliament recessed for the summer, to abolish the possibility of parole for certain heinous crimes, including killings of police or prison guards or murders committed during kidnappings, sex assaults or terrorism."
There's only one federal political party that believes in keeping P.O.S. Paul Bernardo and his equally horrific criminal confreres off our streets forever.

Click the pic to find out why this matters now.


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Do it now.
Conservative MP John Williamson's Bill C-518, which would strip MPs and senators of their pensions if they were convicted of certain crimes, was sent back to the House with amendments — after the Commons had already adjourned for the summer.

Bill C-518 faces little hope of being reinstated and is effectively dead.
You get the government you deserve.