03 July 2015

It's all (culturally) relative... right?

Perhaps cops aren't the only people who should be wearing those new-fangled body cameras...
As the adolescent girl underwent gynecological surgery at a western Canadian hospital, a doctor stood by to perform an unusual function.

The physician was there, according to a source familiar with the incident, to sign a certificate verifying she remained a virgin — and was still marriageable in her immigrant community.
Wow... where to start?

Perhaps, unlike the rest of Canada, this "western Canadian hospital" has such a surplus of qualified doctors they can afford to assign the overflow to "virginity patrol" and "ceremonial fire" related duties.

More to the point though... what culture or country has such an ongoing issue with presumably qualified surgeons raping anesthetized adolescent girls during medical procedures, that they have to assign a co-surgeon to make sure everybody (does the rest of the surgical team participate, or do they just watch) keeps their dick in their scrubs?

Please note I'm not just askin' outta horrified curiosity... I just wanna make sure I strike that particular medieval hellhole off my vacation bucket list.


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Dr Gul Raham, the hymen doctor of Kabul, pointed to the filing cabinet, which contained evidence of all the virgins that had passed through. When a woman arrives, the doctors examine her arms and legs first, then move on to the external genitals. Then they go deeper, inside.
Hey, enough of this... let's get to the science.
I asked about the effects of tampons, but my translater Ahmer didn’t know the word. After a minute of confusion Dr. Raham said, “Oh, condoms, you mean? Condoms cause cancer.”
Hmmm... maybe the University of Kabul Medical School needs to update their curriculum.


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