08 July 2015

Orwell was right

Sure, she's in trouble at the moment, but the fact is, Hillary could name Bruce, er... Caitlyn Jenner as her VP candidate, thus harnessing the apparently massive "groupthink" demographic... and run away with the presidential election.

It doesn't matter that Ms Jenner is a political novice... sheeple-like adherence to popular push-media perceptions trump reality very time.

Need another example?war is peaceYou see, racism (much like trans-phobia) is an insanely popular & irrevocably one way street... the same way that a senior citizen turning himself into a Kardashian sister is not evidence of a surgical fetish, but "an act of courage."

Apparently what passes for reason on this planet has been suspended in favour of reality tv. If you don't toe the line there will be consequences.

Time to pull out that old copy of "Animal Farm."


LAST WORD: Why stop at flags?

It's obviously time to rename the Jefferson Memorial & Washington DC.