21 March 2013

Try to remember, folks...

...electing someone solely on the basis of their DNA is, at its very best, a double-edged sword...

the heir transparentNever mind actual policy... does the heir transparent have a single original thought in his head?


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...turns out there is policy after all. Of course, it's delivered, not by Shiny-Pony, but by another infamous Liberal hack from way back.


Anonymous said...

Who's DNA are we talking about PET's or Mick Jagger's??

Anonymous said...

Iggy uses Reagan's "Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?"

The Pony uses PET's material.

The liberals love it.

The rest of us don't vote for them.

Neo Conservative said...

canada's socialist msm is pounding the propaganda drums that 'twitter is atwitter' because of justin's perceived wit & wisdom.

if he shows up at a celebrity love-in sans pants... they'll probably pee themselves.

the only thing shiny-pony has been in charge of, to this point in his life... is a class of school children.

it's madness to think of this spoiled rich kid pulling on the levers of power.