19 March 2013

Jobs for Canadians?

Not in the People's Republic of British Columbia...

•• VANCOUVER •• "A partner in HD Mining was granted permission to bring in nearly 100 temporary foreign workers using documents listing Mandarin as a language requirement, a Freedom of Information Act request has revealed."

"Ninety-five of the LMOs (Labour Market Opinions, a prerequisite required by Service Canada) — to prove the company made sufficient efforts to find Canadians for the jobs — listed Mandarin as the sole language requirement for the positions."

"The jobs paid between $28 and $52 per hour, as well as management positions at $150,000 per year."
Hmmm... anybody know the current rate of unemployment in Lotus Land?


Jen said...

There are jobs for canadians but why work when hand outs are easier to get without sharing a brow of sweat. Naturally businesses look to foreign workers to help with their business.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Canadian multicultural feel good story. Canada is a multi-cultural/multi-ethnic nation. We embrace people from foreign lands who seek a better life. We offer many many benefits such as free health care, free housing and free education just to name a few. We even embrace those who despise the fact that Canada was once a nation that was founded on the principles of Christianity and British Common law. In combating the issue of Christianity, we have a number of government issued methods of social correcting and addressing political incorrectness such as the human rights commissions, hate crime provisions in the criminal code, affirmative action entrenched in the Charter of Rights and legislated employment equality acts. Even if a Canadian citizen murders a collation solider who is fighting against terrorism, we will embrace him and his terrorist family giving them protection and immunity as Canadian citizens. Canada embraces the concept of multiculturalism to the point that we will sacrifice almost a 160 military soldiers to fight for the freedom of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan and ensure that they have sharia law. While we sacrifice our own soldiers in the name of sharia law, we open the flood gates of immigration to the very people of Afghanistan and do not ask them for their military service to fight for their own country but offer them refuge here in Canada and all the social welfare benefits that they have a right to. Yes my friends we are Canadian and we stand strong and proud. BTW, if anyone says anything bad about these Chinese workers seeking a better life in Canada I sue your F****** ass off, drag you through the human rights commission and call you a bigot, a racists, a xenophobic and call you a right winged Nazi who loves Hitler! Welcome to Canada everyone!

newcenturion said...

You don't know the half of it. If Canadians knew what was really going in this program they would be shocked. It's a scam.

Anonymous said...

And they built the RR in the early days when people could not be found to do the job.
A repeat performance but with a different outcome today.
For the most part we have become a lazy lot.

Rastas said...

I do not know if qualified miners exist in Canada or not but I would point this item out in any conversation. It seems to get no oxygen in the debate.

Over 18 months ago HD Mining made a 30 year financial committment to Northern Lights College in northern BC if they would create and offer a graduate course in the long wall mining and other underground techniques to BC residents. Qualified teachers are being sourced, curriculum is being developed, and the course is slated to begin in 2014.

Neo Conservative said...

i don't understand. a resource rich country of 30 million people with a well-developed mining industry cannot field any qualified miners to do this work?

so, along with selling off our resources, we will similarly allow these extremely well-paid jobs to be outsourced offshore?

sounds like financial suicide to me.


Frances said...

I have issues with the 'speak Mandarin' requirement. Let alone the bias against non-Chinese Canadians, there is also a bisa against those Canadians of Chinese origin who speak Cantonese, not Mandarin. Traditionally, Chinese immigrants spoke Cantonese, and this is the language spoken by many Canadian-born Chinese. Mandarin is a recent import, courtesy of the Chinese Communist government in Peking (aka Beijing).

Anonymous said...

What HD Mining has done is exactly what is being done by Chinese enterprises in Africa. They bring in Chinese workers, engineers, and contractors without hiring the locals to extract resources.

In Brazil, they started buying up large tracts of farmland and bringing in Chinese farmers to do the work.

Present Employment Equity laws give unfair advantage to visible minorities which many Chinese nationals are favoured over Canadian born Canadian educated professionals. There are even employment subsidy programs (50% of wage) that favour visible minority professionals who are not yet even citizens.

It is unfortunate that Canadian laws do not favour it's own citizens in seeking employment.

There is something fundamentaly wrong.