18 March 2013

Send in the Clown

I suppose, strictly speaking, lusting after power IS a Liberal policy...

"Justin Trudeau has been criticized for his lack of concrete ideas, but former prime minister Jean Chretien said he thinks the Liberal leadership front-runner has "a very big policy" that is fundamental to Canada."

"'He wants to replace the Tories,' Chretien said during an interview on the Global News program The West Block with Tom Clark."
And don't forget, Jean... isn't he dreamy?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... One pinhead Liberal thief endorsing another pinhead Liberal thief. Chretien endorsing Trudeau is just bound to be a winner. Just like Paul Martin calling that corrupt Theresa Spence an " inspiration to Canadians" Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Jean choke-em Chretain still "small town cheap" Just go away Jean.

Michael Harkov said...

So, according to Cretin, Trudeau's "very big policy" is to form government, because only the Liberals are fit to govern Canada.

Libtard arrogance - some things never change.

Anonymous said...

JC must have da good proof.

Neo Conservative said...

dear dp... screwed up & posted a troll from a traceable profile, huh?

well, it happens, i guess. you may want to tone down all the threats.

just a suggestion.